Coffee Break Cedro Hotel


Minimum 10 people

Option 1

Coffee, Tea, 02 Types of Natural Juice, 01 Type wafer, 01 Type of Cake, 02 Types of savory.


Option 2

Coffee, Tea, Milk, 02 Types of Natural Juice, 02 Types of Cookies, 02 Types of Cake, 03 Types Salty Snacks and Cheese Bread.


40 units – Cheese Bread
50 units – Salgado Frito
40 units – Roasted Salted
20 units – Cake Sweet or salted cracker


Thermal of Coffee, Milk or Tea (1L)
Thermal of Coffee, Milk or Tea (2 L)
Mineral water (600ml) with or without gas
Jar of fruit juice Soda
Can Skol Beer / Bhrama 600ml
Original Beer 600ml
Canned beer

Full Coffee

Minimum 20 people

Opção 1

Breads: milk, shelled form, rye, cheese bread,
* Salted Pie
* Cakes (3 types): see options of the day

Banana pie or donut
Selection of Teas
Skimmed milk, whole milk, frozen milk
Coffee without sugar
Juice machine: Orange and acerola
Jars: Yogurt, milk and water
Butter, jam
Guava paste
Frescal cheese
*Milk sweet
Passion fruit mousse
Chocolate powder
Cold cuts: Mortadella, turkey breast, mozzarella, ham
Fruits: watermelon, melon, papaya and
Fruit salad